2018 Landmine Monitor Launched!

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On Thursday, the Landmine Monitor launched the 2018 Report, which marks its 20th anniversary since the Ottawa Treaty in 1997. The Report marks some exciting successes from the past year, yet also a continuing increase in global casualties from landmines and other explosive devices.

Global Trends From the Report:

• Landmines were only used by one state actor, Myanmar, between October 2017 and October 2018. Non-state actors in that same period included groups in Afghanistan, Colombia, India, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, and Yemen.

• Landmines and Explosive Remnants of War (ERWs) claimed 7,239 casualties in the last year, down from 8,605 in the previous Report, but still significantly higher than the 10-year average. Casualties occurred in 49 countries, but the majority were the result of continuing conflicts in Libya, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Myanmar.

• 87% of casualties were civilians, and 47% (of those whose age is known) were children.

• Several states parties still possess significant landmine stockpiles, including Ukraine (4.4 million) and Greece (643,267).


• Two states (Sri Lanka and Palestine) joined the Ottawa Treaty in the last year, bringing the total number of states’ parties to 164.

• International donors contributed $673.2 million to mine action, an increase of 39% from the previous year.

Cambodia Updates:

• 58 Cambodians were struck by landmines or ERWs in 2017. Of those casualties, 48 died of their injuries. This is a 30% decrease from the previous year.

• The amount of explosive-contaminated land in Cambodia remains ambiguous, since the geography and climate make accurate surveying difficult. The current total of 941 square kilometres of contaminated land is 5% higher than the 2016 estimate, despite deminers cancelling, reducing, or clearing more than 68 square kilometres of contaminated land.

• Cambodia received $13 million in international funding in 2017, a decrease of $20 million (61%) from the previous year.

For more information, visit the official Landmine Monitor website.

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