• Better to Blow Them Up?

    New research suggests that defusing and removing landmines is less environmentally friendly than detonating them. A multi-institutional research team led by Scottish Professor Niamh Nic Daeid from the  University of Dundee  found that exploding landmines and other ordinance in situ can actually help clear contaminants like TNT from the soil. Although this finding seems counter-intuitive, the detonations fracture […]

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  • Americans Reverse Course on Cluster Munitions

    When the United States opted to not sign the Ottawa Treaty in 1997 it was because of, in the opinion of then-President Bill Clinton, an issue of American safety. Instead, the Americans promised a number of unilateral measures to bring the US into near compliance with the Treaty, including a ban on antipersonnel landmine exports. […]

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  • Photos from the Front Lines

    Demining is a difficult and dangerous task, and one that is hard to imagine for those of us who live in countries without mine or unexploded ordnance contamination. This divide can create big questions: What are our partners, Cambodian Self-Help Demining (CSHD), actually doing on a daily basis? What is the team we directly sponsor, […]

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  • Landmine Monitor Quick Facts

    In 2017: •  Both Myanmar and Syria continued to use antipersonnel mines in domestic conflicts. •  Antipersonnel mines were used by non-government forces in nine countries, including  Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Ukraine, and Yemen. •  Algeria and Mozambique declared themselves mine-free in 2017. Mozambique had made a similar declaration in 2015, but later discovered further contamination […]

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  • A Growing Problem

    The New York Times Editorial Board asked an important question over the weekend, one that has been asked often since the Landmine Monitor published its annual report last December: Why do landmines still kill so many? In 2016, at least 8,605 people were struck by landmines or Explosive Remnants of War (ERWs), including 2,089 fatalities. These […]

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