• Landmines Infesting Zimbabwe Wildlife Sanctuaries

    Geoffreys Matipano, a top official from Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks), recently disclosed that most of the country’s wildlife sanctuaries remain unsafe for animals and human beings due to heavy infestation of landmines which were originally placed in ground by the colonial regime during the liberation war. Speaking last week, Matipano told the […]

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  • Video: Living With Landmines in Cambodia

    The photo-journalist team 2020studios recently released another important video about landmines, titled Living With Landmines: A Mine Free World in Cambodia. The video produced using still frame photography, and can be viewed below.   This video will be used to raise awareness of landmine survivors and to bring attention to how little it can cost […]

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  • New American Stand on Landmines

    The Obama administration announced at the Third Review Conference of the Ottawa Treaty in Maputo, Mozambique that it will not produce or otherwise acquire any anti-personnel landmines in the future, including replacing expiring stockpiles. Spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden of the U.S. National Security Council  said in a statement: “Our delegation in Maputo made clear that we […]

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  • Mine Detection Animals in Action

    Despite a growing interest in the development of mine detection technologies, the removal of many anti-personnel landmines and explosive remnants of war remains the work of professional personnel who work with well-trained animals. In the past, the Canadian Landmine Foundation (CLMF) has funded the training of mine detection dogs, and recently trained rats have also […]

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  • Greece Destroys 50,000+ Landmines

    In advance of the Ottawa Convention’s Maputo Review Conference on a Mine-Free World, which will take place in the Mozambican capital from 23 to 27 June, Greece announced that it has made significant progress in the destruction of stockpiled anti-personnel landmines. In accordance with its obligations under the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, or Ottawa Treaty, […]

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