• Greece Destroys 50,000+ Landmines

    In advance of the Ottawa Convention’s Maputo Review Conference on a Mine-Free World, which will take place in the Mozambican capital from 23 to 27 June, Greece announced that it has made significant progress in the destruction of stockpiled anti-personnel landmines. In accordance with its obligations under the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, or Ottawa Treaty, […]

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  • The Nil Noy Story

    The photo-journalist team 2020studios has finished filming and producing a short six-minute documentary on a bicycle repair shop run by landmine survivor, Nil Noy of Cambodia. The documentary was produced using video and still frame photography, and can be viewed below.     This documentary will be used to raise awareness of landmine survivors and […]

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  • Kofi Annan on the International Landmine Crisis

    Former UN Secretary General and Nobel Laureate Kofi Annan recently spoke about the international landmine crisis at a talk in Geneva, where he urged all States Parties to the Ottawa Treaty to complete treaty obligations. Annan’s statement initiated a one-month countdown to the Third Review Conference of the Ottawa Treaty.     Over one hundred […]

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  • Flooding in Bosnia Unearths Landmines

      Recent flooding in Bosnia has residents and rescuers facing not only catastrophic landslides but also an added danger: unexploded ordinances of war numbering in excess of 120,000 landmines and more than 9 thousand minefields. These ordinances have been unearthered by landslides that have also destroyed homes, roads and businesses. The warning signs once marking […]

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