• Podcast Episode 5: Pups for Peace

    What happens to landmine-sniffing dogs after they retire? Well, some of them could be adopted into Canadian homes through a new Wilfrid Laurier University student startup, Pups for Peace! In this episode, Paul interviews Pups for Peace founder Emilio Castillo on dogs, demining, and the potential challenges of intercontinental pet adoption! Subscribe today on iTunes!

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  • Updates from the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention: Ukraine, Bosnia, and More

    For the last few years, states parties to the Ottawa Treaty have met annually to discuss the challenges and success of Anti-Personnel Mine (APM) clearancearound the world. Generally, these meetings celebrate states which have joined the Treaty or accomplished clearance goals, discuss deadline extensions for states that are struggling with clearance obligations, and put pressure on […]

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  • 2018 Landmine Monitor Launched!

    On Thursday, the Landmine Monitor launched the 2018 Report, which marks its 20th anniversary since the Ottawa Treaty in 1997. The Report marks some exciting successes from the past year, yet also a continuing increase in global casualties from landmines and other explosive devices. Global Trends From the Report: • Landmines were only used by […]

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  • Podcast Episode 4: A Canadian Angle

    Why is the Canadian Landmine Foundation raising money for landmine clearance in a distant country twenty years after the treaty that was supposed to solve the landmine problem forever? Why doesn’t Cambodia pay for its own mine clearance? We’re called upon to answer this question a lot here at the Canadian Landmine Foundation, and we […]

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  • The Defuser – October

    What is a human life worth? That is the most controversial question in the field of demining. If a landmine cost “x” dollars to remove, yet has a  “y” percent chance of causing injury, at what point should we ignore the risk? After all, there are only so many aid dollars to go around, an intimidating […]

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