• Proposed Cuts from Trump Administration could Impact Landmine Clearance

    The United States administration under President Doland Trump has proposed a 10 per cent cut to the State Department account responsible for landmine clearance initiatives and other programs. In a move to slash government spending, the White House has asked Congress to cut $18 billion from discretionary spending bills for the current fiscal year. POLITICO […]

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  • Landmine News Roundup, Mar. 20th: Thai Civilian Group Aids Effort to Clear 3,000 Landmines

    AMP Capital, Australia’s second largest hedge fund, contributes A$130 million worth of investments in cluster munitions and landmines in an effort to move towards more ethical investments. http://thenewdaily.com.au/money/your-budget/2017/03/17/amp-drops-tobacco-landmines-wmds-portfolios/   A Thai civilian group aids military efforts to clearly some 3,000 landmines remaining from the Cambodian civil war. Civilian group clears unexploded land mines to help […]

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  • Landmine Detection and the Story of a Little Giant

    As Western-backed Iraqi troops retake Mosul, the British Mine Advisory Group doubles down on landmine clearance initiatives to protect families returning home. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/02/25/british-men-risking-lives-clear-iraqs-landmines/   Reflecting on the challenges posed by landmines in Afghanistan and Syria, the Smithsonian provides a comprehensive history of the development of landmines. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/historic-innovation-land-minesand-why-weve-struggled-get-rid-them-180962276/   APOPO, an NGO based out of Tanzania, […]

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  • Landmine News Roundup, Feb 13th: Algeria Declares the Country is Landmine-Free

    Myanmar’s Joint Monitoring Committee has been invited by Norway to observe landmine clearance initiatives in Thailand and Cambodia. http://www.elevenmyanmar.com/politics/7809   The United Nations Mission in South Sudan seeks to educate children on the risks of landmines and other ERWs in the UN Protection of Civilian site. http://reliefweb.int/report/south-sudan/unmiss-and-partners-educate-school-children-bentiu-poc-site-dangers-mines   Algeria recently declared as landmine-free. http://reliefweb.int/report/algeria/algeria-free-landmines   The […]

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  • UN Estimates $50 million to Clear Mosul of Landmines

    The United Nation’s body on action against landmines recently estimated that the cost for removing landmines and explosives from the city of Mosul will be $50 million USD. In an interview with Reuters, the chief of planning and management section of U.N. Mine Action Service (UNMAS) Paul Heslop, said: “Looking at the contamination in Mosul […]

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