• Ottawa Treaty Anniversary: Canada Urged to Boost Support

      The international treaty to ban landmines signed in Ottawa on 3 December 1997 is slowly eradicating the production and use of the anti-personnel landmines around the world, but according to an annual report of Landmine Monitor released by the Nobel-prize winning International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), Canada no longer ranks amongst the top […]

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  • Report: Child Landmine Victims Rise

      The annual Landmine Monitor report of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines and Cluster Munition Coalition (ICBL-CMC), suggests that the number of child landmine victims is unfortunately rising. According to ICBL-CMC, which is one of the world’s leading anti-landmine groups, Afghanistan has the world’s highest number of children killed or wounded by landmines and […]

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  • Report: Anti-Personnel Landmines Used in Libya

    Credible evidence has emerged that one or more militia groups in Libya recently used anti-personnel landmines during an armed conflict involving a Zintan alliance and the Libya Dawn alliance at Tripoli Airport in July and August 2014. “The use of anti-personnel landmines by any party anywhere is unacceptable … All parties should order their forces […]

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  • 2020studios Wins a 2014 Maggie Award for Best Journalist

    Terry Asma and the photo-journalist team at 2020studios was recently awarded the 2014 Maggie award for Best Journalist – Social Justice and Human Rights. In correspondence with the Canadian Landmine Foundation, Terry said: “Katrina and I are excited and humbled beyond words on winning the 2014 Maggie award … [which] would never have happened without […]

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  • 3500+ Landmines Destroyed in Algeria

    Algerian officials recently announced that a total of 3,616 landmines dating back to the colonial era were discovered and destroyed during the month of September by the members of the People’s National Army. The landmines were discovered throughout the eastern and western borders of the country, spanning miles of territory in areas that posed a […]

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