• Podcast: Clare O’Reilly on Human Security and Mine Action

    Human Security and Mine Action In this recording from The Ottawa Process Twenty Years Later in October 2016, Handicap International’s Clare O’Reilly speaks to human security and mine action. Human Security is freedom from want and freedom from fear. “[Human security] is intrinsically linked to mine action, it’s making sure that humanitarian mine action and […]

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  • Podcast: Maria Banda on the Climate Change-Security Nexus

    Maria Banda: The Climate Change-Security Nexus, Oct. 27 2016 Synopsis by Lucas Garzon Mounting evidence suggests that despite climate change being dominantly framed as an environmental problem, its impact is not limited to any single policy area. Experts such as Maria Banda [insert title/role] argue that peace and security–especially that of fragile and failing states–is […]

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  • Podcast: Erin Mooney on the Ottawa Process

    Synopsis by Serena diBiase In October 2016 at The Ottawa Process Twenty Years Later, Erin Mooney, Senior Protection Adviser for the United Nations Protection Capacity & Senior Research, spoke about the perils faced by internally displaced persons (IDPs), and the unique challenge of providing them with humanitarian support. Internally Displaced Persons are people forced to […]

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  • Podcast: Jill Sinclair on Diplomacy and the Ottawa Process

    Reflections on the Ottawa Process In this recording from The Ottawa Process Twenty Years Later in October 2016, Jill Sinclair, Executive Director, External Engagement, Canadian Defence Academy reflects on the whirlwind of diplomatic activity that drove the Ottawa Process, from inspired leadership to the innovative collaboration of governments, NGOs and academics that laid the groundwork […]

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