• Watch Your Step/Fijate Bien: Juanes

    Watch Your Step/Fijate Bien: Juanes Juanes, a nine-time Latin Grammy winner, is a strong supporter of the landmine cause. His efforts have included personal appearances at charitable and awareness building events and organising a free concert in Los Angeles. His song Fijate Bien has become an anthem for a landmine-free Colombia. (See Spanish and English […]

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  • The Mines of Mozambique: Bruce Cockburn

    The Mines of Mozambique: Bruce Cockburn Over the course of three decades, Bruce Cockburn’s ability to distill political events, spiritual revelations and personal experience into rich, compelling songs have made him one of the world’s most celebrated artists.   The Mines of Mozambique There’s a broad river winding Through this African lowland The moon is […]

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  • Ressano García

    Ressano García By: Alexandra Lagelée We drive up the bumpy dirt path in our white Landrover, the large radio antennae bouncing back and forth, across the accumulated broken glass and cans that have been dumped here, past empty shells of broken cars. As we reach the top of the hill, Ressano García lies calm in […]

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  • Organize a Meal for a Mine-Free World event

    All hosts that register on this website can access a Host kit which includes a DVD about the landmine issue, sample recipies from mine affected countries and other materials to make your Meals For A Mine-Free World event an informed gathering. Private Dinner #1 – Invite a few friends, relatives, neighbours, or business associates for […]

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  • Hosting Ideas

    Private Meals Private Meal #1 – Invite a few friends, relatives, neighbours, or business associates for a modest dinner party at your home. The host provides the food, rather than the guests providing wine, flowers or dessert they bring a donation. Receipts are issued for the full amount of their donation. Private Meal #2 – […]

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Canadian Landmine Foundation
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