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Greece-LandminesIn advance of the Ottawa Convention’s Maputo Review Conference on a Mine-Free World, which will take place in the Mozambican capital from 23 to 27 June, Greece announced that it has made significant progress in the destruction of stockpiled anti-personnel landmines. In accordance with its obligations under the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, or Ottawa Treaty, Greece has committed to the destruction of over one million anti-personnel landmines.

While financial constraints and legal issues prevented Greece from meeting its four-year deadline to complete destruction of its initial target number, Alexandros Alexandris, Ambassador of Greece to the United Nations, confirmed that Greece remains fully committed to fulfilling its obligation under the Ottawa Treaty to destroy all stockpiled anti-personnel landmines:


“The transfer by Greece of anti-personnel mines to a special facility in Bulgaria, where nearly a million landmines will be destroyed, is well underway. As of today, 224,101 anti-personnel mines have been transferred to Bulgaria and, of these, 56,530 anti-personnel mines DM-31-type mines have been destroyed.”


“Despite difficulties that we have encountered in fulfilling our obligation to destroy all stockpiled anti-personnel mines, Greece has never wavered in its commitment to implement the Convention. We will continue apace with our stockpile destruction effort and provide a further update at the Maputo Review Conference.”

– Alexandros Alexandris, Ambassador of Greece to the United Nations (Geneva)


According to Ambassador Alexandris, 729,184 anti-personnel landmines remain in Greece and will be transported to Bulgaria for destruction. In response to this statement, Pedro Comissario, Ambassador of Mozambique to the United Nations (Geneva) who is leading preparations for the Maputo conference, said: “I am pleased that Greece’s stockpile destruction effort is moving forward and that it will share additional good news at the Maputo Review Conference.”

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