Peacekeeper Lessons

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This picture of a bronze statue at Peacekeepers Park in Calgary shows a soldier handing a doll to a little girl. While this is not a depiction of MCpl. Mark Isfeld it is representative of the ‘Izzy’ dolls that are currently given to children around the world in his memory.Photo: courtesy of the Alberta N.W.T Command of the Royal Canadian Legion

August 9th is National Peacekeepers Day

Humanitarian mine action is an act of peacemaking –
make a donation and
salute our peacekeepers through mine action.

Our most recent Peacekeepers project is a dog named ‘Jimmy’. Click here for details

Click here to view our honourees in the Hall of Honour

Click here to learn more about the legislation establishing National Peacekeepers Day

The Canadian Landmine Foundation worked with the Canadian Association of Veterans in UN Peacekeeping ( for several years to have August 9th established as “Peacekeepers Day”.August 9th is the date in 1974 when 9 Canadian Peacekeepers were killed when their plane was shot down over Syria. Peacekeepers Day also recognises the countless Canadians who have served, or are serving, as Blue Berets and in other NATO and coalition missions.

The History of Peacekeeping

October 12, 1957 – Pearson wins Nobel Peace Prize
A cable is sent from Oslo to inform Liberal Member of Parliament Lester B. Pearson that he has won the Nobel Peace Prize. It arrives, but at the wrong house. Four hours later a reporter calls Pearson for an interview and unknowingly becomes the bearer of marvellous news. Pearson is shocked and honoured. The prize honours Pearson’s creation of the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF), deployed the previous year to help bring peace in Egypt, following the Suez Crisis.
August 9, 1974 – 9 Canadian Peacekeepers killed
Nine Canadian peacekeepers are believed missing, reports CBC Radio in this news report. The Canadians were aboard a United Nations transport plane which is believed to have crashed on approach to Damascus. Rescue crews rush to the scene but the salvage mission is unsuccessful. This tragic event becomes the largest single-day loss of life in Canadian Forces peacekeeping history.
For more information about Peacekeeping from :

On Peacekeepers Day, learn more about the role Canadians have played in the pursuit of Peace and celebrate our history with peacekeepers and veterans. In your community encourage, and participate in, recognition of their service and sacrifice.


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