Podcast: Paul Heinbecker on the Success of the Ottawa Process

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Why the Ottawa Process Succeeded

In this recording from The Ottawa Process Twenty Years Later in October 2016, Paul Heinbecker, director of the Centre for Global Relations at Wilfrid Laurier University and a Distinguished Fel­low at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) shares five points that he believes were instrumental to the success of the Ottawa Process.

Paul Heinbecker is the inaugural director of the Centre for Global Relations at Wilfrid Laurier University and a Distinguished Fel­low at the independent Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) in Waterloo. These appointments follow a lengthy career with the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Heinbecker served, for example, as Minister in Washington, as Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s Chief Foreign Policy Advisor and speech writer and as Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet for Foreign and Defence Policy. In 1992, he was named Ambassador to Germany. In 1996, he was appointed Assistant Deputy Minister, Global and Security Policy, and Political Director in the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Mr. Heinbecker led the inter­departmental task force on Kosovo and helped to negotiate the UN resolution ending that war. He was also head of the delegation for the negotiation of the Kyoto Climate Change Convention. He helped to develop Canada’s human security agenda, making the protection of people rather than states a focus of Canadian foreign policy. In the summer of 2000, Mr. Heinbecker was appointed Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada to the United Nations, where he was a leading advocate of the International Criminal Court and the Responsibility to Protect as well as a proponent of compromise on Iraq to try to avoid a catastrophic war.

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