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Presentations and Written Materials for Landmine Education and Awareness

The Canadian Landmine Foundation could not operate without the gracious help of volunteers, the large majority of who are post-secondary students from a variety of institutions. The links below provide direct access to a number of thoroughly researched presentations and well-written materials to generate and promote landmine education and awareness. It is part of our mission to grow this list with regularity to help further promote our cause, and we welcome submissions from willing contributors. Please feel free to email a sample writing to add to our collection, and thank you in advance for considering to submit a contribution!


Letter of Encouragement:
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Presentation 2014: CLMF History and Update

Sample Speech:
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Student Essays:



Songs for Landmine Awareness

Protestors have a long history of turning to song to disseminate their message, and the international call to raise awareness about the dangers of landmines is no different. Celebrities, in particular, have been able to use song to become involved in landmine awareness, education and rehabilitation since the official signing of the Ottawa Treaty in 1997. Below are just a few well-known examples, and more will be added shortly.


Bruce Cockburn
The Mines of Mozambique

Watch Your Step/Fijate Bien

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