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The Canadian Landmine Foundation is a registered charity with a mission to raise awareness and funds to end human and economic suffering caused by anti-personnel landmines. In 2010, our mission statement changed to include all landmines, not just anti-personnel landmines. We partner with other charitable organizations that meet our standards and help relieve the global and continued suffering of countries plagued with landmines and their victims.

Mission Statement

To end the continuing human devastation caused by landmines and other explosive remnants of war and relieve the suffering of their victims.


The Canadian Landmine Foundation (CLMF) aims to realize the vision and goals of the Ottawa Treaty banning anti-personnel landmines by entrenching the norm, now established by 161 governments around the world, and also to meet the challenge of clearing mine-infested lands and to offer hope and practical support to mine victims in the world’s most mine-affected countries/communities. Additionally, we aim to continue raising awareness about the consequences of landmines on the landscape, communities and families of countries around the world. We continue to support organizations that achieve these goals.

Story Line and Messaging

In 1989 they said it couldn’t be done …

By March 1999, 123 countries gathered in Ottawa, Canada to sign the Ottawa Treaty banning the use, production, stockpiling of antipersonnel mines – and pledging support to mine-affected countries and victims.

Building the international norm against these insidious weapons was the first, essential step forward to a mine free world. But even the Ottawa Treaty alone cannot eliminate the legacy of hidden death and destruction that still lies beneath the earth in more than 70 countries around the world. Nor can it restore the limbs and dignity and hope of the millions of victims of these hideous, unseen killers.

The sad reality of land mines is that they continue to kill, maim, destroy and damage civilians, villages and communities long after wars and conflicts have ended. That is why the Canadian Landmine Foundation (CLMF) supports work to ensure people are aware; land is cleared and victims are given the assistance they need to restore their lives and the issue remains a key global priority.

You can be part of this historic global effort to rid the world of anti-personnel mines and bring life and hope back to people and communities who have only known the horrors of war and their legacy.


More than 70 countries – and thousands of communities – continue to live with the destructive legacy of landmines.

Peace is an abstract notion to children and families, teachers, and farmers who know that one landmine – or the suspicion that one may be hidden in a field or a school yard, market square or village well – renders essential community space a live battle zone… not for soldiers who are long gone… but for those who want to regain their lives and calm of peace.

In our communities, we teach children to be aware and alert – to stop and look before crossing the road. In mine-affected countries, we must continue to teach awareness about landmines.

What the Foundation Does

Mine Clearance

One or a million. It makes no difference:

*Kids can’t play or walk to school
*Wells can’t be used, and water can’t be drawn
*Fields can’t be tilled

Once in the ground, landmines don’t go away until they’re cleared.

In partnership with Handicap International, the CLMF contributes to the final clearance of all remaining reported hazardous areas in Muanza District of Sofala Province of Mozambique, one of the most mine-affected countries in the world. On completion, Muanza will be the 15th district declared free of mines in Mozambique.

Victim Assistance
The toll of human suffering and the needs of these hundreds of thousands of people — the victims and courageous survivors — is far from being addressed.

In 2010, children accounted for nearly half of all civilians casualties of landmines. Landmines maim, blind, incapacitate and damage the lives of thousands every year. And the legacy of trauma and injury and disability is not easily overcome in mine-affected countries. Within these struggling societies, the social stigma and the raw challenge of life means that mine survivors are amongst the most impoverished people even in these already underdeveloped societies. Funding for victim assistance is insufficient and programs inadequate in all but a handful of mine-affected countries.

In partnership with A Mine Free World Foundation, the CLMF has supported landmine survivors in three provinces in Cambodia with free-education, professional training, and transportation, including a bicycle repair program, chicken rearing training course, and training on production of chemical-free food and insect control of crops.

Should I give my time, my money?


Together, we can build a path – so that those in mine-affected countries and communities can walk
in safety and security, with hope and dignity, towards a peaceful future.

Together, we must ensure that antipersonnel mines, and their destructive legacy, become not a remnant of war…
but a remnant of the past.

Together, we can eliminate the scourge of landmines and help communities rebuild for the future.

If you can walk freely, without fear of hidden landmine killers, you should walk with us on the road to a mine free world. Please click here to learn more about the Canadian Landmine Foundation and how you can help.


Alistair Edgar,
President & Chairman

Contact Information

[email protected]

Mailing Address
Canadian Landmine Foundation
c/o LCMSDS, Wilfrid Laurier University
75 University Avenue West
Waterloo, ON, Canada
N2L 3C5

Business Hours
Tuesday & Thursday, 10:00 – 4:00



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