Since 1999 the Canadian Landmine Foundation and Canadians across the country have funded $3.7 million in mine action projects around the world, from victim assistance to the clearance of nearly 2 million square metres of land.


Current Projects


Demine Robotics (formerly Landmines Boys)

The Canadian Landmine Foundation recently awarded Richard Yim and his social-purpose startup, Demine Robotics, with $5,000 in funding to support their work towards creating a safe method to defuse dangerous landmines.

“This donation is very much in accordance with our mandate, which increasingly includes connecting and working with people and organizations focused on these goals,” said Chris Snyder, Chair of the CLMF.

“This collaboration with St. Paul’s and The Landmine Boys clearly meets these objectives and we are excited about the possibilities that this could lead to in removing landmines and the improvement it could bring to many people around the world.”

Richard Yim is a recent University of Waterloo Engineering grad who has been working on a robotic device that will allow landmines to be neutralized on site without human supervision. This will ensure that fewer people will be at risk of injury or death from unsafe exposure to landmines, the dangerous unearthed remnants of war.

Because landmines still exist in many regions of the world, with an estimated 4-6 million in Cambodia alone, the Canadian Landmine Foundation is working to support Richard and his colleagues, as well as other like-minded people in Cambodia as the project advances.

For more information please click here to view our posts on Demine Robotics (Landmine Boys).


btcBakong Technical College

The Canadian Landmine Foundation is proud to sponsor relief and reconstruction efforts to assist regions of the world affected by landmines. One of our current projects is the Bakong Technical College in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

We are pleased to report that several classes began at the College on June 1st, 2016 in three initial program areas: IT/Computer Literacy, Business English, and Khmer Culinary Arts. Over 200 applicants applied to register during the first week of registration, when only 80 slots were available. With more funding, the College intends to construct additional facilities that will enable more courses in the technical and vocational fields.

Below are images of the construction project at BTC funded by the CLMF. Here is a report of the current facilities:

Building 1: BTC internet cafe, community center, culinary arts school is basically completed and functional.

Building 2: The “Snyder West Wing” is partially done. Inside are two business English classes (40 students each), an admin office and a reception area. The “Stewart East Wing” is now fully complete, and holds two computer literacy classes (20 students each). Plans are in place to also include two sewing classes and a library.

Building 3: The comfort facilities in this building are functional, practical, and designed to serve and support building 1 programs.

Building 4: This main building includes five classrooms and scheduled for completion next year with board-approved budget. The building we be complete in 2017 or sooner.

Building 5: This building holds a landmine survivors rehabilitation project, and is about 60% complete. When the building is completed in 2017, it will house already planned vocational programs.

Special thanks to the families of Chris Snyder, Tom Sears, Jim Stewart and Brian Westlake for their support and guidance.

More information is available at, while detail pictorial reports are available on Facebook at Bakong Technical College and on the BTC blogspot.

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