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The Weekly News Roundup of the Canadian Landmine Foundation (CLMF) brings together articles from government and media agencies to raise awareness about the ongoing threat of landmines throughout various regions around the world. The information listed here is strictly for educational purposes and the CLMF does not endorse the original source of the content.


Internally displaced people from the Kayin State in Myanmar will not be able to return to their homes for at least two or three months while troops and landmines are cleared from the area.


This is an interview with a Brazilian professor who is an organizer of the Humanitarian Robotics Automation Technology Challenge 2016 (HRATC). The competition challenges teams from around the world to create methods of controlling robots to detect landmines.


In an attempt to help maintain peace in Columbia after 52 years of conflict, Canada has made a commitment to $21 million. The funds will go towards Columbia’s Rapid Response Strategy and will help establish a series of other initiatives over the next 3 years.


Two victims died after their vehicle hit a landmine in Sibi, Pakistan. The explosion also caused injury to 9 others.


An American student attempted to scare residents of Samraong, Cambodia by dressing up as a clown. In so doing, angry residents chased him into a nearby jungle where he accidentally stepped on a landmine and died. The incident speaks to everyday threat landmines pose in risk rural Cambodians.

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