May 9th has been designated a Day of Honour to salute the tens of thousands of Canadian men and women who served in Afghanistan. To mark the first official day, last Thursday (8 May 2014), The Globe and Mail published a list of Canada’s fallen – the 158 members of the military who lost their lives during the mission.


To access the list of Canada’s fallen, please click here.


A few points re: explosive devises used in Afghanistan:

1) Improvised Explosive Devises (IEDs) and Anti-Personnel landmines (APs) are not the same: similar effect but the IEDs are placed as ambush booby traps for specific targets and often are remote-detonated by an individual who is monitoring the vehicles on the road.

2) Both IEDs and APs involve explosions from the ground, but the IEDs are not causing world-wide civilian suffering – e.g. no IEDs are exploding in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos etc.

3) Finding and clearing IEDs can involve some similar tech challenges, and the effects certainly are similar for those caught in them, but it’s important to understand and recognize that the two types are different threats.