After visiting a minefield in Cambodia, James Bond actor Daniel Craig realized how fortunate most people are to live a life free from the threat that hangs over people who live in close proximity to explosive hazards and dangerous remnants of war.

The Canadian Landmine Foundation has been following Craig over the past year, after news broke that he had joined the United Nations as a global advocate for the elimination of mines and explosive hazards.

Craig has been an excellent advocate for the UN and an important public figure in the global fight to rid the world of the dangers posed by landmines. He recently published a short article with The Guardian (UK) about his experience with landmine detection and removal efforts:

[In Cambodia], the enormity of the situation hit me. Simply put, these horrific devices don’t know when the war is over. Once laid, they continue to kill and maim generations of civilians, some of whom were not even born when they were planted; generations of families who only want to live, like the rest of us, free from fear.

  • Daniel Craig, UN global advocate

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