Private Meals

Private Meal #1 – Invite a few friends, relatives, neighbours, or business associates for a modest dinner party at your home. The host provides the food, rather than the guests providing wine, flowers or dessert they bring a donation. Receipts are issued for the full amount of their donation.

Private Meal #2 – Invite a few friends, relatives, neighbours or business associates for a pot luck dinner party at your home with the theme around one of the countries plagued by landmines. All donate a pre-set amount and are receipted.

Private Meal #3 – Have a large group for dinner and have a caterer prepare a buffet. A theme menu will add to the fun and enjoyment. Many caterers will provide discounts. Guests can pay a share of the cost. Receipts are issued for the donation portion only.

Private Meal #4 – Groups of friends or business associates go out for a lunch or a dinner in the name of Meals For A Mine-Free World and simply enjoy the event and remember how fortunate we are. Invite business customers and suppliers as well. Receipts are issued for the donation portion only.

Private Meal #5 – Have a pizza party with delivered pizza or a soup dinner with many varieties of soups from affected countries along with different breads and/or rolls. Receipts are issued for the donation portion only

Public Meals

Public Meal #1 – Declare the coffee time after the church service to be a Meals For A Mine-Free World event. Invite a speaker or play the video in the speakers spot. Invite special donations.

Public Meal #2 – Rent a hall as a group for a large gathering and have a buffet dinner. Invite an informed speaker on the subject with video’s etc. Solicit gifts and prizes to be raffled or any other methods of fund raising for the event.

Public Meal #3 – Speak with a local restaurateur about reserving the entire restaurant for the night of November 3rd. Signs can be made available to be posted at the restaurant so regular customers can also book reservations and participate. Those not wanting to cook that night can reserve tables for the number of guests in their party and register their group. This is a great opportunity to invite friends, neighbours, relatives and business associates out for a theme meal.

Public Meal #4 – Larger restaurants may look at providing a roving troubadour for ambiance and adding one or two specials that resemble the foods of the affected countries. With this meal option comes some responsibility of the organizers to make their best effort to fill the restaurant. It is recommended that the meals and beverages be paid separately and donations made by cheque or credit card with a complete list of donors and amounts. Added funds can be raised through raffles etc.

For Public meals, you can request public service announcements in newspapers and radio spots advising the public of the event and promoting your business or organisation in the local community.

Whatever your choice, don’t miss this opportunity for “Good fellowship” and “Good Food” for a GREAT CAUSE.

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