School Lesson Plans

Lesson plans and activities
Grades 5-10

The Lesson Plans were developed with the assistance of Nancy Sinclair, a volunteer with the Canadian Landmine Foundation, and are based on her familiarity with school curriculum links.

These lessons can be used in a block of time spanning several days or over several weeks leading up to a special event such as a fundraiser, an assembly, a visiting speaker, etc. One approach is to initiate the unit December 3rd, Ottawa Treaty Day, and to continue with weekly lessons into early February at which time the class may choose to plan a classroom or school-wide event to commemorate Landmine Awareness on March 1st, the date on which the Ottawa Treaty was ratified in 1999.

All lessons can be adapted to a 40-60 minute time frame

Landmine Unit Outcomes
Students will…
1. develop an awareness of the landmine issue
2. become knowledgeable about Canada’s role in the global community
3. be able to articulate the importance of Canada’s leadership in the creation of the Ottawa Treaty
4. explore the nature of global humanitarian crises
5. become familiar with economic and cultural conditions in landmine-affected countries
6. suggest ways to increase public awareness of the landmine issue and of Canada’s leadership role in eradicating anti-personnel mines
7. express a personal point of view through one of several ways: visual arts, essay-writing, public speaking, fundraising, hosting visiting speakers.

Most of the documents below are pdf files – you will need Acrobat Reader in order to view them – you can download it for free. These files can be easily printed.

Teacher’s Fact Sheet

Lesson One Introduction

Lesson Two Where are Landmines? World Map Activity

Lesson Three Village Map Activity

Lesson Four Impact of Landmines

Lesson Five Demining

Lesson Six The Ottawa Treaty

Lesson Seven Conclusion and Looking Ahead

Suggested Assessment Activity

Action Guide