As Western-backed Iraqi troops retake Mosul, the British Mine Advisory Group doubles down on landmine clearance initiatives to protect families returning home.


Reflecting on the challenges posed by landmines in Afghanistan and Syria, the Smithsonian provides a comprehensive history of the development of landmines.


APOPO, an NGO based out of Tanzania, follows the development of African giant pouched rats. This story follows Isaac, a rat that has been bred to detect landmines.


Janus Global Operations, an integrated stability operations company, recovered or destroyed 440,736 landmines and other items of unexploded ordinance discovered during projects it executed in multiple countries and conflict areas.


The News Roundup of the Canadian Landmine Foundation (CLMF) brings together articles from government and media agencies to raise awareness about the ongoing threat of landmines throughout various regions around the world. The information listed here is strictly for educational purposes and the CLMF does not endorse the original source of the content.