Yet Another Mine-Blast Civilian Victim in Benghazi
[Libya Herald] The latest civilian victim of the mines and booby traps that still litter Benghazi’s Suq Al-Hout and Sabri districts was rushed to Jalaa hospital today.  Mohamed Al-Arifi, 50, is understood to have suffered multiple shrapnel injuries after a landmine was detonated.



Rocket Haul Unearthed in Siem Reap Market
[Khmer Times] Construction crews building a container market in Siem Reap province have discovered nearly 40 105mm rockets while excavating land in Svay Dangkum commune. Cleared Ground Demining has been removing the discarded or lost explosives from around Palau, particularly Peleliu, for the last eight years.

After Mosul, UNHCR Steps up Humanitarian Support for Returns
[UNHCR] Mines, unexploded ordnance and related devices pose massive risks for the city’s residents, especially children. UNHCR welcomes the ongoing mine clearing efforts by the authorities and the UN Mine Action Service to ensure safe return of the city’s displaced population.

Japanese Donation Protects Communities against Explosive Remnants of War in Gaza
[UNMAS] The Representative of Japan to the Palestinian Authority, Ambassador Takeshi Okubo, and the Programme Manager of the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) Palestine Programme, marked the completion of the Japan funded project to clear and remove explosive remnants of war (ERW) in Gaza.



Old Bombs at Pacific War Sites More Dangerous Than Ever – NGO
[RNZ] An NGO says unexploded World War Two bombs in Palau are now more volatile than ever before.



Neymar Jr. Becomes Hadicap International Ambassador
[Handicap International] We’re thrilled to welcome Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr. as the new ambassador of Handicap International. Through this partnership, Neymar is lending his huge fame to a good cause: empowering the most vulnerable people in the world, people with disabilities living in poor countries, victims of conflicts and natural disasters.

Neymar Becomes Handicap International Envoy
[Swiss Info] Brazilian football star Neymar showed off his skills on the huge “Broken Chair” statue outside the United Nations headquarters in Geneva on Tuesday to mark becoming Handicap International’s goodwill ambassador.


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