The News Roundup of the Canadian Landmine Foundation (CLMF) brings together articles from government and media agencies to raise awareness about the ongoing threat of landmines throughout various regions around the world. The information listed here is strictly for educational purposes and the CLMF does not endorse the original source of the content.


Finnish Defense Forces threaten the Ottawa Treaty with the development of a new anti-personnel landmine. Attempts have been made to justify the new landmine by stating it is made of steel, which makes it easier to detect and remove. However, the landmine still presents the same threat to civilians in mine-affected countries.


Finland has contemplated resigning from the Ottawa Treaty since 2014 when then Prime Minister Alexander Stubb supported a movement from the National Coalition Party.


Researchers at Glasgow University have developed new 3D printing technology to create tailor-made bone pieces for victims of landmines. This groundbreaking technology may be able to develop bones that will continue to grow, making them extremely useful in child victims.