The News Roundup of the Canadian Landmine Foundation (CLMF) brings together articles from government and media agencies to raise awareness about the ongoing threat of landmines throughout various regions around the world. The information listed here is strictly for educational purposes and the CLMF does not endorse the original source of the content.


Landmines in Myanmar continue to claim lives. As conflict in the region continues, the number of reported victims totals nearly 4,000 in the last decade and a half.


The Government of the United Kingdom recently announced 1.49 million USD worth of funding to aid landmine removal efforts in northern Sri Lanka. The aid will also help facilitate the return of internally displaced peoples.


In collaboration with partners in South America, engineers at the Ruhr Universitat Bochum and Technical University Illmenau are developing new ground penetrating radar technology to find landmines in Columbia that are undetectable with traditional searching methods.


Improvised landmines created and laid by ISIS forces in Manbij, Syria continue to kill and injure hundreds on innocent civilians. Residents of the city speak about their experiences and the devastating effect landmines have had on their lives.