When you live with landmines, knowing how to spot one is a matter of life and death.


In rural northern Cambodia, a former child soldier named Aki Ra started Cambodian Self Help Demining to help his country recover from more than 30 years of war.

Cambodian Self Help Demining is like an emergency service for abandoned weapons.

When someone finds a suspected landmine or piece of unexploded ordnance, one of their Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams is dispatched to make it safe.

These explosives are all over rural Cambodia, in fields, forests, and villages:

But how do people know how to spot the danger before it’s too late?

CSHD’s Risk Education Team travels from village to village teaching people how to identify an explosive and what to do if they find one.

Simply teaching people how to spot and avoid explosive remnants of war has been shown to reduce accidents by one third.

To date, the risk education team has taught

Risk education sessions to...

people in...

different villages!

None of this is done alone.

You can help bring this knowledge to those who need it.

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