Recent reports from the Angola Press Agency state that more than one thousand kilometres of road in the southern Huila province of Angola have been cleared of landmines. Clearing efforts in the region date back to 2004, as part of an Angolan de-mining programme.

This announcement is based on data contained in a report released by the Huila department of the National Commission for Demining and Humanitarian Aid (CNIDAH). According to the report, 617 kilometres of the fiber optic line and 180 kilometres of power transportation line were also cleared of landmines. The report indicates that over 127,300 explosive devices of various kinds have been destroyed, as well as over 12,500 ammunition, including more than 5,900 guns of various calibers.

In addition to the removal and destruction of explosive devices, the Hallo Trust have also assisted 1,950 people with physical disabilities, through a social reintegration system, education, vocational training, and other resources.

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