Episode 3 is out now!

Is the cost of demining greater or lesser than the economic benefit? Should we even ask that question? Is the Landmine Ban Treaty’s requirement that all known minefields be removed actually hurting the efficiency of global mine action, and what is Canada’s role in trying to meet the 2025 of global mine eradication?

In this episode, we interview development economist Ted paterson. Ted has worked on international development for many years with Canadian NGOs, the North-South Institute and as an independent consultant. He began working on mine action in 2000 and, after 10 years heading the Policy Research & Evaluation section at the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining, returned to Canada in 2014. He now works as a consultant focussing on how mine action relates to broader development, humanitarian and peacebuilding programmes.

Read one of Paterson’s Op-eds on Canada’s contribution to mine action here.

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