At the forefront of the current wave of development and technology is the innovative team at Demine Robotics. On this episode, CLMF intern Tefsi Golla and I sit down with the CFO of Demine Robotics (DR), Douglas Blair, to discuss the progress of the company’s work in Cambodia. Doug shares his experience working in the field with DR’s team of Canadian and Cambodian engineers.

As well, Doug explains the evolution of DR’s robot excavator from simple prototype to marketable product, and the environmental challenges that have catalyzed this evolution. Now locally sourced, fully mobile, and (technically) capable of surviving a landmine explosion, the Jevit excavator is a lean, mean, demining machine!

And Demine Robotics needs your help for the finishing touches! Check out their Kickstarter and help make the world a safer place, one landmine at a time:

Image credit: Demine Robotics website