Reflections on the Ottawa Process

In this recording from The Ottawa Process Twenty Years Later in October 2016, Jill Sinclair, Executive Director, External Engagement, Canadian Defence Academy reflects on the whirlwind of diplomatic activity that drove the Ottawa Process, from inspired leadership to the innovative collaboration of governments, NGOs and academics that laid the groundwork for its “unprecedented” and lasting success.

Jill Sinclair’s career with the Public Service began at the Department of External Affairs where she has held diplomatic posts in Prague, Havana and the Middle East. In September 2008, she joined the Department of National Defence as Assistant Deputy Minister (Policy) and in July 2014, was appointed Executive Director, Directorate of Strategic Concepts, Leadership and Engage­ment (formerly External Engagements and Partnerships) at the Canadian Defence Academy (MILPERSGEN Command). In this position, Ms. Sinclair leads the institutionalization of national and international partnerships, in support of a Whole of Govern­ment approach, in matters related to excellence in the profession of arms and in the development of expertise in defence and inter­national security issues. Her professional career has focused on issues of international and regional security and defence.