How Canadians view their Place in the World

What do Canadians feel about their place in the world, about our role in defence and foreign policy? In this recording from The Ottawa Process Twenty Years Later in October 2016, pollster Michael Adams of Environics reflects on the Focus Canada survey results from 2008 and 2012, ahead of a new round of polling about Canada’s place in the global community scheduled for 2017.


Michael Adams is the president of the Environics group of research and communications consulting companies which he co-founded in 1970. In 2006 he founded the Environics Institute for Survey Research, where he also serves as President.

Michael Adams is a noted commentator on social values and social change in North American. He is a popular public speaker, offering topical, entertaining talks elaborating the data presented in his books. Michael’s speaking repertoire includes a long-range look at the evolution of Canadian public opinion on a range of issues from public policy to national identity and diversity.