Below is a selection of videos and documentaries on mine action and the international landmine crisis. These videos highlight some of the efforts by the Canadian Landmine Foundation and its partner organizations to help eliminate landmines and improve rehabilitation efforts around the world.

Why is Cambodia unSAFE? explains how Cambodia came to have over 10 million landmines.

What is the difference between landmines and explosive remnants of war?

What is Mine Risk Education?

The Treaty by Richard Fitoussi offers a glimpse at the diplomatic phenomenon of the Ottawa Treaty Process.

Produced in association with A Mine Free World Foundation, this short video documents the impact of landmines on life in Cambodia.

This brief video brings to light the unprecedented and continuous danger that landmines pose to children.

This seven minute documentary follows the personal story of Nil Noy, a landmine survivor who is changing the world.

If there were landmines where you lived, would you stand for them anywhere? This short video has a powerful and important message.