Letter of Encouragement

Letter of Encouragement to Support the Cause


I would like to encourage you to join me in participating in Meals for a Mine-Free World, formerly known as Night of 1000 Dinners, a significantly successful program designed to encourage the average person to host their own fundraising dinner. The flexibility of the program has allowed for unique ways to raise awareness and proceeds to support the Canadian Landmine Foundation (CLMF) in raising global awareness for the dangers posed by existing anti-personnel landmines. In 2008, for example, the CLMF recognized Earth Hour by serving dessert under candlelight.

A Canadian innovation, Meals for a Mine-Free World is recognized globally as the world’s largest fundraiser for humanitarian landmine action. Through participation Canadians have helped in the clearance of millions of square metres of mined land in Mozambique, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cambodia and Vietnam, aided tens of thousands of landmine survivors and trained many mine detection dogs. Every cent contributed through this Campaign is used to fund mine action projects.

It’s easy to lose the landmine issue in the number of natural and medical disasters that surround us. This is a man-made disaster that doesn’t often get media profile but continues to impact on the most disenfranchised people in the world.  However, there is one thing that truly distinguishes this issue – it can be fixed in our lifetime. Anyone can participate in Meals for a Mine-Free World: you simply invite friends, neighbours or colleagues to attend a dinner, lunch or reception and, instead of them bringing flowers, dessert, or wine they are invited to bring a donation.

In 1996 Canada’s Foreign Minister, Lloyd Axworthy, challenged the world to ban landmines. Today, as a result of the Ottawa Treaty of 1997, three quarters of the countries of the world have repudiated this weapon. Trade has stopped. Sixty million landmines held in stockpiles have been destroyed. The Canadian Landmine Foundation is working against time to remove the existing landmines before they damage another farmer, mother, child, or peacekeeper and to aid those who have already been hurt.In order to support the Canadian Landmine Foundation’s efforts to raise global landmine awareness and education, and support rehabilitation in the world’s most dangerous mine-infested regions, please considering hosting an event of your own . For more information  on Meals for a Mine-Free World and how to register to receive your own Host Kit, please visit www.canadianlandmines.org. I encourage you to join together with friends and break bread together in the interest of peace.