Explosive Ordnance Risk Education

20 years after the wars’ end, Cambodia is still one of the most landmine-infested countries in the world.

During the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, Cambodia was in an almost constant state of war. Bombing campaigns during the Vietnam War littered the countryside with American, Russian and Chinese-made explosive devices. Following the Vietnam war, Cambodia was plunged into a civil war and genocide, which left millions of landmines scattered across its stunning landscape. Although some of these landmines were laid in well-marked minefields, others are randomly placed throughout Cambodia’s hills, fields, and villages.

To help rural Cambodians thrive the Canadian Landmine Foundation is proud to fund EORE Team 6

As a result of EOD Team 3’s accident, Cambodian Self Help Demining formed a dedicated explosive ordnance risk education (EOD/EORE Team 6) team under the leadership of CSHD medic Voan Voeng and former deminer En Poy. This team travels throughout rural Cambodia, teaching individuals about the danger of landmine contamination and how to respond to the discovery of unexploded ordnance.

This incident was En Poy’s second landmine accident. 

Despite his accidents, En Poy continues to dedicate his life to mine action. En Poy’s life demonstrates the resilience of Cambodians and his dedication to the Cambodian people. 

What is Explosive Ordnance Risk Education?

Explosive ordnance risk education helps Cambodians carry out their daily activities safely and teaches them how to avoid landmines and other unexploded ordnance.

Explosive ordnance risk education or EORE classes are run by trained mine action specialists and deminers and are designed to teach Cambodians how to identify, avoid, and report unexploded ordnances they encounter in their daily lives.


Fewer UNSAFE Activities From Risk Education

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