About Us

The Canadian Landmine Foundation is a registered charity with a mission to raise awareness and funds to end human and economic suffering caused by landmines. We support demining, victim assistance, and educational programming in countries plagued by landmines.

Our Mission

To end the continuing human devastation caused by landmines and other explosive remnants of war and relieve the suffering of their victims.

Our Vision

The Canadian Landmine Foundation (CLMF) aims to realize the vision and goals of the Ottawa Treaty banning anti-personnel landmines by entrenching the norm, now established by 161 governments around the world, and also to meet the challenge of clearing mine-infested lands and to offer hope and practical support to mine victims in the world’s most mine-affected countries/communities. Additionally, we aim to continue raising awareness about the consequences of landmines on the landscape, communities and families of countries around the world. We continue to support organizations that achieve these goals.

What We Do

The Canadian Landmine Foundation supports projects including:

  • Cambodian Self-Help Demining, a grassroots demining organization in rural northern Cambodia.
  • Bakong Technical College in Siem Reap, Cambodia, which offers vocational training and support for landmine survivors and their families.
  • Demine Robotics, a startup designing equipment to make demining safer and faster.

Board of Directors

Alistair Edgar

President & Chair

Paddy Torsney

Vice President

R.J. (Bob) Butterill


Ron Dick

Patti Lee

Paul Yeung

In Memoriam

Christine Yankou