Current Projects

Since 1999 the Canadian Landmine Foundation and Canadians across the country have funded $3.7 million in mine action projects around the world, from victim assistance to the clearance of nearly 2 million square metres of land!

Cambodian Self Help Demining

A CSHD deminer teaches a Mine Risk Education class.

Cambodian Self Help Demining is a grassroots organization that operates demining and explosive ordnance disposal teams in rural Cambodia.

There are still more than 5 million explosive remnants of war in Cambodia. In rural areas, landmines, hand grenades, artillery shells, and discarded weapons still litter the ground, the legacy of nearly four decades of conflict.

When someone finds one of these items, CSHD sends a team to neutralize the explosives. They also teach mine risk education classes at the local school. The Canadian Landmine Foundation is proud to support EOD Team 5.

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Bakong Technical College

Bakong Technical College (BTC) is a vocational and technical school in Siem Reap, Cambodia designed and dedicated to provide quality education access in rural Cambodia with special emphasis on disadvantaged students and promotes gender equality.

Landmine survivors and their families are among those educated at BTC, and the Canadian Landmine Foundation has sponsored the construction of one of the buildings in the technical and vocational section of the school.

Over the years CLMF board member Chris Snyder has led several trips groups of Rotarians to the BTC campus to pitch in with building efforts. The ‘Snyder West Wing’ now houses two classrooms and the school administration!

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The CLMF Building Under Construction at BTC