In December 2022, the Foundation hosted an event marking the 25th anniversary of the Ottawa Treaty banning landmines, an extraordinary Canadian achievement.

The event raised nearly $15,000 for humanitarian mine action in Ukraine, now the most heavily mined country in the world. These funds were transferred to The HALO Trust, a British NGO that is the leading organization for humanitarian mine action in Ukraine.

Recently we heard from our colleagues at HALO:

I am excited to share some good news – HALO has cleared and handed-over 13 minefields in Mykolaiv region, Ukraine. Mykolaiv is one of the three most heavily mined regions of Ukraine and has had a high number of landmine casualties.

HALO has been working there, clearing landmines from the war for a year now. The 13 minefields are a total of 360,000 square meters (about 90 acres), and the land was handed over back to the community of Bashtanka district.

Much of the cleared land is agricultural, and is being used for farming again.

In this article you can hear from some of the farmers in the community, and their plans to use the land now that it is safe from landmines and explosives:

From hairdressers to deminers: how HALO Trust is demining Mykolaiv region.

We are so grateful to you the Canadian Landmine Foundation for your incredible support for HALO’s mission in Ukraine and for helping to make milestones like these possible. Thank you!

HALO deminers are still hard at work in Ukraine. If you wish to support their work, you can donate via the Canadian Landmine Foundation or directly through their US or UK giving portals.

Feature photo: © European Union/ECHO/Oleksandr Ratushniak via Flickr